Kari Crisolago, MMus MHSc SLP/SVS

Kari Crisolago, MMus MHSc SLP/SVS

Speech Language Pathologist, Singing Voice Specialist

Kari Crisolago is an Ontario licensed Speech-Language Pathologist having a Master’s of Health Science as well as a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in voice performance from UofT with a special focus on vocal pedagogy. Kari is a classically trained soprano with many years of performance experience, and has had the privilege of studying under the Canadian Soprano, Wendy Nielsen.

During her SLP master’s Kari was mentored by Aaron Low and trained in Circumlaryngeal Massage and voice rehabilitation. Kari’s breadth of education and vocal performance experience, combined with her knowledge of vocal technique and clinical voice rehabilitation, will offer a distinctive skill set to the voice community.

Being a singer Kari understands the ups and downs that come with professional voice use, and the strong emotional attachment one has to their voice. That is why it is Kari’s passion to help all voice users whether a singer, professional or everyday voice user achieve the outcomes they desire.


Evidence-based Training  

Evidence-based voice training is a style of vocal lessons that provides tools and techniques supported by science. The real mechanics of how your voice works, and how to work towards your goals with concrete tools is the focus. Imagery and metaphors are used by many teachers, and they can be helpful to some. However, we always want to know the real physiological processes that we are training in singing.


  • Have you been singing for many years and are feeling like aspects of your voice have changed?
  • Are you a singer that wants to do more with your voice? E.g. expand range, dynamics, build strength and agility
  • Have you always wanted to sing, and want to start learning the basics for your preferred genre? If you have heard that having one singing technique supports all genres. This is a myth. There are different techniques involved in every genre. Learn how to cross train your voice or sing the genre you love!
  • Are you a professional singer who wants to optimize their repertoire or set list? Many singers come and have their singing of a song analyzed, as sometimes we develop habits that take us out of efficient singing.
  • Are you a singer that wants to know more about your voice or the potential it has? By doing visual and acoustic diagnostic tests we can talk about your voice’s potential.


Our intention is to help you achieve the voice you want with ease and efficiency through evidence-based techniques.

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