The Voice Clinic

Master Your Speech Delivery & Communication Effectiveness

Lecture Services Include:

  • Anti-Anxiety & Power Breathing Training
  • Relaxation Response Breathing Courses
  • Understanding & Repairing Your Own Laryngeal Physiology
  • Neurological Listening Awareness during Vocal Exercises
  • Harnessing Dynamic Expressive Speech Delivery

Capture and Engage Audiences with Your New Voice

Business Communication Etiquette

  1. Presentation Skills and Voice Improvement: Speech-Language Pathologist, Aaron Low, is available to work one-on-one with their client to improve their speaking and presentation skills. This includes vocal intensity, pitch, rate, rhythm, prosody and inflection. Small changes can make large impacts on your day-to-day interaction as well as important presentations.
  2. Social & Pragmatics Coaching
  3. Speech Precision Therapy
  4. Voice & Projection Therapy

Compton P-ESL Accent Modification

The goal is never to “remove” an accent, but instead to ensure that the employer and/or employee is intelligible by their clients, peers and co-workers. This is accomplished when the SLP works one-on-one with clients to improve their pronunciation and clarity.

International Corporate Consulting

Speech-Language Pathologist, Aaron Low, helps companies and its employees enhance their daily interpersonal communication skills, which in turn cause the business to thrive in the areas of customer services, employee-employer relations and overall communication.

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