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Speech Disorder Treatments

Difficulty speaking clearly with flowing cooperation of your lips, tongue, palate and jaw can be improved or rehabilitated. Each individual program developed provides specific exercises patients can work on within their daily lives. Whether it be a mild lisp or completely re-learning to speak after a debilitating accident, Aaron Low, will guide you through both short-term and long-term goals to keep you communicating with power and precision.

Speech Therapy

Each sound we make has a specific motor pattern to make it sound crisp and clear. Neurological injury or improper development of muscles use in speech can create problems with your daily communicative needs.

Child, adolescent and adult therapy programs need to differ to make quick results. The Voice Clinic uses exercises that are fun and manageable during each person's busy lifestyle. iPad games and oral-motor learning exercises can help speed up your sound results.

Comprehensive Child or Adult Speech & Language Care

Motivating speech to change takes commitment to learning and retraining fine movements of the mouth, breath and mind. TVC rehabilitates clients of all ages using multiple biofeedback modalities to learning. Your eyes, ears and the feel of your speech behaviour must be improved. Your needs are always taken seriously at The Voice Clinic, no matter what your age.

Evidence the Changes

Making changes in speech therapy today demands tools to provide each patient with feedback. Using sophisticated software, you'll have visual evidence that the coordination of your tongue, lips and jaw are improving.

Spectrograms, motor speech profiles and real-time speech programs graphically display your improvement. Recordings can be easily emailed, software designed to take home and support your goals on a daily basis.

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