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If you're suffering from prolonged hoarseness, vocal fatigue, throat discomfort or pain while speaking, singing or swallowing, we can help you!

Today's treatments for reflux, breathing, resonance, speech or singing problems are available with short wait-times and multi-disciplinary clinical care. Ear problems and pains, hearing difficulty and chronic ear disorders are diagnosed and rehabilitated thoroughly, along with nasal congestion, bleeding and blockage, to smell, sleep and snoring disorders.

Your time spent with Aaron Low will provide you with immediate improvement with an in-depth understanding of the root cause of your problem. Dr. Osborn's thorough assessment, patience, calm and generosity of care are induplicable. Aaron and Dr. Osborn work in tight sync using top technologies to diagnose and treat your generally ignored and underestimated voice and throat traumas.

In addition, Aaron is a world leading teacher and speaker on his modifications of the technique used in his 23 year and 35,000+ hours of practice. His hands-on technique can provide immediate rehabilitation of your voice, swallowing and breathing issues of a non-pathological nature. Even with disease-based disorders, The Voice Clinic's Pre and Post Voice Therapy Programs have been proven vital to accelerate the most positive outcomes post-surgically.

Some say "VOICE REST", we say, "VOICE EXERCISE"
Don't wait in silence for your voice to return, come in to TVC and get it back for good!

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