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Professional Voice Workshops

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Aaron offers Individualized Programs targeted to your specific needs as a communicator or team. He has worked with rock stars, Oscar winning actors, top businessmen, educators, and clergy. His direct, musculoskeletal and energetic approach has been refined for more than 22 years. Stop listening to those who say you need to “Take a deep breath and breathe with your diaphragm," this isn't 1893!

  1. Aaron will define each individual's breathing style to reverse his/her voice problems.
  2. One or two individualized exercises will be taught and prescribed to get the voice working optimally.
  3. Voice projection will translate into a proper and tangible feeling!

Make your audience feel AMAZING when you speak, teach and LEAD. Aaron will share the science behind his industry secrets and how to maximize the effectiveness and power of your voice!

Harness the Power of Effective Speech

Executive Package

6 Executives - All Day Friday - In Office Boardroom/Assessment Clinic

Includes: Individualized Voice, Speech and Breathing Assessments.

  1. Power Breathing & Anti-Anxiety Breathing Exercises - Fight Fear at the Podium!
  2. Speaking secrets and tricks to manipulate pace of speech and improve retention of your message
  3. Exercising the voice to survive the long days, nights and weekend fun
  4. Finding the feeling of Resonance to avoid the fatiguing voice
  5. The Finish… Your Maximum Delivery Style Defined!

Singer Package

Half Day Vocal Analysis for the Professional or Amateur Singer

Includes: 4 hour Professional and Amateur Voice Assessment and Treatment

  1. Acoustic and Videostroboscopic Assessments of your Speech and Singing
    • Practice your range using a software system that makes it easy to see where the work needs to be structured. Seeing your voice is very educational!
    • Speak and Sing while having a slow-motion camera record it all. Then review it with Aaron to see where improvements can be made. No more guessing!
  2. Individual Voice Program Development
    • Breath Strength and Conditioning
    • Learning Muscular Antagonism of the Larynx.
      • Stop the MYTHS! This is not a secret...we need to stop using old, figurative, stupid language and start to define how the larynx and specifically how YOUR larynx works. I don't care if you want to "strain" a bit as a singer...guess what, in the moment it is likely!!! So, let's learn how to make the sport of singing an easier one to survive. Rest will not do. The warmups and cooldowns are generally not cutting it and Aaron will set up how to isolate the best for your voice demands
    • Manual Laryngeal REPOSTURING and Self Manipulation and Isometric Stretching
      • let Aaron's assessment identify exactly what your body needs. Myofascial manipulation of the laryngeal structure can be taught, but most practitioners do not have the time or clientele to learn. Find out what you need, not what a Voice Pathologist needs to know.
  3. Exit Conference and Review

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