The Voice You've Always Wanted

Improving, Training & Long-Term Maintenance of the Singer's Voice

Singing should feel easy, but sometimes our body works against us. That's where we come in.

The Voice Clinic's team offers a wide array of diagnostic and treatment options for people with speaking or singing voice issues. Aaron Low's many years of treating singers from all genres has introduced a unique assortment of exercises and techniques that teach singers to work smarter. Identifying each individual's good and bad habits in both speech and song allows training and conditioning of the muscular behaviors required to sing properly. Many singers wait until their voice is tired and stiff before seeking the help needed... and unfortunately, not all singing teachers agree on proper methods of teaching breath and resonance.

For serious singers, an evaluation is highly encouraged to isolate good and bad habits during an asymptomatic period in order to document his or her baseline laryngeal status. Start working smart! Let the voice reset its muscle tension patterns during a session or two with Aaron and allow the learning to absorb.

We can undo the voice behaviors that commonly cause the symptoms listed below.

  • Raspy, Hoarse, Rough or Weak
  • Vocal cord has a Damaged Edge (Nodules, Polyp, Scar, etc.)
  • Vocal Cord Hemorrhage
  • Voice Box Muscle Strain or Stiffness
  • Spastic Cough, Tickle or Feeling of constant Phlegm or Lump
  • Pain
  • Pitch Control Issues
  • Vocal fatigue
  • Loss of Power or "Float"
  • Discomfort in Swallowing or Blocked Middle Ear Pressure

Why Does Your Voice Need to be Lifted or Polished?

  • Aging Effects on voice can cause it to sound weaker and rough.  Often, this is correlated to muscle atrophy and changes in how the vocal cords close. Either vocal exercises or vocal gel injections can bring the voice back its youth!
  • Paresis and Paralysis can occur...and this is fixable and easily managed also with in-office procedures that allow the vocal cords to bulk up and return to powerful, controllable speech.
  • Extensive SMOKING History...causes changes to the skin on the vocal cord but we can reverse this disorder.  Due to KTP Laser procedures, no longer does someone need to sound like they smoked 2-packs/day!!!
  • Stiffness from surgical changes to the head and neck can cause what seems to be irreversible raspy, weak and tired voice and speech. This therapy is rare. Many hospital protocols suggest rest and wait. At TVC, we motivate speakers and singers to initiate the recovery by simple daily exercises that return the speaking and voice functions to their best.
  • Post-Thyroid Surgery can be both stressful and often impacts the voice or even swallowing. Make an appointment both before and after surgery to learn what is best in the recovery phase post-surgically.
  • Post-Face Lift or Neck-Lift also can create areas of 'lock'. Mobility of the facial muscles, jaw, and tongue root can make swallowing and speaking after cosmetic procedures return to the norm.
  • Voice Trauma or Neck Injury are rare, but no one thinks the Voice therapist has a role. We do! Take a hour and find out what can make your life easier.

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