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Voice Rejuvenation

Making your voice sound more youthful is finally here!

At TVC, we can take the problems away that make speaking throaty, raspy, breathy or husky. Using a number of techniques and treatments, we can make having a full, powerful, pleasing and efficient speaking or singing voice easy to regain!

Why Does Your Voice Need to be Lifted?

  • Aging Effects on voice can cause it to sound weaker and rough.  Often, this is correlated to muscle atrophy and changes in how the vocal cords close.
  • Paresis and Paralysis can occur...and this is fixable and easily managed.
  • Extensive SMOKING History...causes changes to the skin on the vocal cord but we can reverse this disorder.  No longer does someone need to sound like they smoked 2-packs/day!!!
  • Stiffness from surgical changes to the head and neck can cause what seems to be irreversible raspy, weak and tired voice and speech.
  • Post-Thyroid Surgery
  • Post-Face Lift or Neck-Lift
  • Voice Trauma or Neck Injury

Awake Laser Surgery & Injectables

The Voice Clinic is one of Canada's only private clinic with Voice Rejuvenation Laser Surgical Procedures and has the experienced team needed to make it simple and easy for anyone to get their voice back. After being assessed by The Voice Clinic ENT, you become educated on what technique will work best for you and your voice.

The Voice Clinic uses non-invasive ways to inject the vocal cords with amazing and long-lasting products to make a weak and struggling voice be heard.

Effective Voice Therapy for ALL People

When the vocal cords are healthy, yet your voice still sounds old...we can bring it's youth back! Find out how you can make your voice sound more youthful!

  • Chronic Laryngitis
  • Chronic Reflux Voice
  • Chronic Cough or Throat Clearing
  • Breathiness and Poor Vocal Projection
  • Speaking Tension and "Pressed" Vocal Quality
  • Loss of Pitch Control and Deep Voice Lock

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