Children’s Voice Disorders

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Children's Voice Disorders

At TVC, Aaron likes to have FUN!... He uses visual biofeedback and positive reinforcement so kids stay motivated to do their vocal exercises...and asks parents to STOP saying "take a deep breath" and "project!". We need to educate everyone involved on how your child's voice really works and provide simple ways to keep it sounding perfect.

So, telling a child to stop talking, I FEEL, is wrong and emotionally abusive. A child will learn how to rehabilitate their voice through techniques addressing breathing, phonation, resonance, and articulation...which includes such structures as the jaw, tongue root (or under the chin to behind the earlobes), voice box and collar bone. The feeling of ease and simplicity can be achieved in all behaviours surrounding speaking, swallowing, breathing comfortably, breathing through anxiety or athletics, and singing in any way you desire!

Commonly today, breathing issues are increasingly problematic in teenagers. Shortness of breath, wheezing and asthma-like responses can be caused solely by tension of the larynx and front neck. Vocal Cord Dysfunction is quickly managed at TVC, book your child a consult with Dr. Osborn and Aaron today.

Louie going fishing by sustaining his vocal pitch.

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