Aaron Low, MS SLP/SVS

Aaron Low, MS SLP/SVS

President - Speech-Language Pathologist, Singing Voice Specialist

Aaron Low is an Ontario-licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Singing Voice Specialist and the Owner and President of TVC. He earned his Master's of Science degree in 1998 from Minot State University in North Dakota and was mentored by Dr. Nelson Roy. Aaron works as a voice clinician, lecturer and educator. He has helped the injured speaker & singer with rehabilitation and the healthy speaker & singer with optimization.

Aaron’s experience over the past 22 years of being a proud Speech-Language Pathologist include head/neck cancer, paediatric research, repairing the speaking voices of all ages including some of the world’s most powerful professionals, actors and singers.

Aaron is a Speech-Language Pathologist dedicated to the area of vocal rehabilitation.  He has particular interest and experience in:

  • Vocal Rehabilitation using Circumlaryngeal Massage & Laryngeal Reposturing

  • Individualized Training for proper vocal hygiene and voice exercise

  • Therapy for pre-operative patients, to improve surgical outcomes

  • Therapy for post-operative patients, to maximize recovery of speech, voice & swallowing

  • Breath Strengthening from anti-speech anxiety techniques to Singers

  • Optimal pitch training for all ages using visual-voice video games

  • Transgendered Voice

  • Therapy for Professional Singers

  • Paediatric Voice Disorders

  • Executive Voice and Speech Coaching

Aaron attempts to guide each patient towards a greater awareness of their instrument and the muscles that surround it through a series of exercises  and hands-on techniques.

Aaron has been married to his beautiful wife, Daniela, for 15 years and has four amazing children, Louis (12), Valen (10), Leona (8) and Vivia (6). He enjoys spending time with his family, taking care of the family’s flock of muscovy ducks and roasting marshmellows.

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